"Benji Thomas dwells in a part of the UK where the confluence of nature, its raw power, its beauty and civilisation meet to create scenes which are in their own right works of art. What better place for an artist whose practice is built around finding things?"


You can find me in St Leonards, UK, walking the promenade taking pictures with my phone, drawing from life in the tucked away nooks of the town, or suddenly stopping altogether to look at something for long enough to draw it from memory.

I paint, draw and write, and almost all of it comes from something I've observed in everyday life. For me it's about discovery, about looking, about reimagining. 


I came across your advert on Instagram and would love for my work to be shown at King House Gallery.
I'm a BA graduate from Loughborough University currently living and working in the coastal town of St Leonards, originally based in London. I draw and paint objects and spaces from everyday life, subjects that I happen across on journeys and photograph instinctively. 
I have recently taken up drawing these subjects with coloured pencil, as it gives me a command over luminous colour that I have yet to achieve with paint, but I also work with watercolour, ink, acrylic and oils. 
The pieces I've uploaded are all fairly prosaic scenes - the back of a lorry as I'm driving down the motorway in the rain, a road crossing in my hometown that I came across on an evening run, and the heavy condensation that appears on my single glazed windows every morning. 
These moments are what interest me the most, the in-between subjects and infinitely missable parts of life that slip by while we're on our way to somewhere else. I never plan my subjects, I just stumble upon them and they end up in the archive of photos, and I pull them out when it seems the right time.  
My practice is largely about finding things, being pulled around by curiosity and the act of seeing. My favourite quote is by David Hockney, who suggests that Picasso's way of observing and painting an owl embodies more "owlness" than a real owl, because it's filtered through the lens of human experience, and that is how we see the world. 
I post all my recent work on Instagram at @benjithomasart and I am also currently constructing a website on which you can see more of my older work as well, as well as my work as an arts writer for Hastings Independent Press and my short stories.

My smaller works have been selling well on Instagram (the types of work I've uploaded to you) and I would like to get these into a gallery. I've been selling A4 unframed drawings for around £50, I would love to pursue larger more ambitious drawing projects for sale through your gallery. I also have an upcoming solo show in Pimlico in April where these drawings will be displayed. My paintings usually sell for around 300/400. 

If you'd like more info don't hesitate to call me on 07887397180 or by email at benjithomasart@gmail.com. You can even send me a DM on instagram.

Best wishes,
Benji Thomas



I find most subjects when I'm going somewhere - walking, on a journey, in the spaces between A and B.

My favourite quote

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